What determines effective Influencer Marketing?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Influencers operate autonomously, creating their own useful content and integrating a brand’s advertising terms, stipulations, and specifications into it. It is important to know that the influencer is in complete control of the company’s message, choosing how they want to portray it. This enhances and promotes authenticity and can support/help reach a specific target audience.

So, influencer marketing is about relationships and data, not celebrity deals.

Data is a key component of influencer marketing. Old-style and traditional influencer marketing can be a tortuous and long process. We can say that it is a game of hope! The main reason is that you have to go through influencer selection and wooing procedure yourself. Also, you would require to wade through data screeds to find out the people in your niche who provide a great influence online.

Data is also necessary for determining campaign successes. The main reason that the company would lay emphasis on the influencer marketing data is to identify and determine the success of the given campaign. However, this could be a specific issue for celebrity campaigns. In addition, it is easier for a company to focus on vanity metrics of obtaining a particularly famous name in order to work with them. Here, it is important that they should be more concerned about the data that depict the bottom line. For instance, if you paid $300,000 to obtain/achieve the services of a certain celebrity, how many additional sales did this particular campaign generate?

So, any influencer campaign produces or generates a large variety of data. In this regard, you must understand that apart from the secondary stats, such as influencer followers, all posts can be added to the data collection of the campaign. This includes statistics relating to likes, impressions, pins, shares, and retweets etc.

Obviously, you need to be very careful with the statistics. Anyone can quote impressive stats for impressions and followers. People can buy followers as well as the impressions can be targeted or directed at the wrong users/audience for a company or brand. Therefore, you need to be capable of meshing all the data and stats together to determine whether your campaign is a success.

The most successful arrangements for influencer marketing often occur with tricky and fussy influencers. The main reason for this is that such influencers are not simply there for the money. So much so, they have built up a good audience, as well as, they significantly value the attention of their followers as much as their audience/followers appreciate the posts and videos. Such influencers would not risk alienating their followers by encouraging and promoting anything that they will not use themselves.

Furthermore, for certain brands, a high follower influencer may not be good. How? Let us tell you! In social media, information technology, and marketing world, people are always fond of data. We have said numbers are not everything, but let’s talk realistic, to some point, numbers are significant, but sometimes they are not! While we do agree to have a substantial number of followers are very good, there are certain other metrics that we feel are more important and useful. For small companies and brand, it is important that they focus on:

· How many users engage with your company on a regular basis?

· How many leads as well as sales your social media pages are driving.

· How your social efforts are driving traffic to your business website.

When you buy fans or followers, you are not getting people would be willing or interested to engage with you. What does this mean? This means you are just buying numbers. Also, after paying for fans/followers and engaging in an aggressive follower churn, it is risky because you are actually getting a large number of fake social media accounts amongst your number.

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