Your personality is unique and so are your goals. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for success. Like our fairygod mother, we’ll cater to your needs. Providing you with a dream come true experience.

get things organised, prepared,
& scheduled.

how does it

how much
does it cost?

boba with
skite socal

let's get to know each other, establish feasible goals, and work towards it.

it’s us,
not you

we will handle the sourcing and negotiation on sponsored posting, that's the perks of this service

use your
new email

we know how private email can get, we'll create an email catered to our service for you.

sync our

busy that day? just block out the date on the calendar between us, and we’ll avoid those days.

media kit

presentation is everything, our team will design a portfolio that's personalized to you.

getting the

to take out the transaction by transaction, or keep it with us and withdraw when you need it. Your choice.


let’s get started

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