How You Can Benefit from Influencer Marketing

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing in which emphasis is primarily placed on influential people, communities, or groups instead of the target market on social media. The primary objective of this type of marketing is the identification of the individuals or specific groups who have influence over potential clients and orients the activities of marketing around such influencers.

In other words, it is the process that involves identification, research, engagement, and support to the people who actually create high-impact conversations with clients about the brand, services, or products. It offers brands or companies the potential to significantly unify their marketing strategies, public relations, products, sales, digital marketing, advertisement, and social media via relevant and powerful relationship-based communication.

In addition, both the marketing and ROI potential of this type of marketing is immense. Obviously, the high value of influence over clients is not a new concept in the field of marketing. However, as online client conversations are consistently evolving, influencers are playing an important and critical role when it comes to breaking online clutter, creating customer dialogue, as well as bringing confidence and trust to the table for companies, brands, and marketers alike.

According to HubSpot, which is a leading marketing agency in the world have found that companies using influencer marketing are 90-95% successful and have effective campaign strategies. Some of the companies mentioned by HubSpot that have gained tremendous success using the influencer marketing are Sprint, Old Navy, H & M, Samsung for its Note 7 launch, Sperry for boat shoes on Instagram, Naked Juice using sponsored Instagram posts, and Glossier for running its campaign known as the “Regular Women.”

Another important brand that really flourished in the market is Daniel Wellington. Unlike competing companies such as Rolex and Swatch, Daniel Wellington does not pay a large sum of money to celebrities to promote its products (watches). In contrast, the marketing strategy of the brand is built around its strong presence in social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For Daniel Wellington, social media sites do not only serve as good display cases, but they have really understood the true potential of social media influencers.

The main strategy of this company was using the idea of joint communication power of various “small” influencers rather than just relying on one popular communicator. So, not only did this save a lot of investment money on communication but I also considerably increased the visibility of the product. Consequently, the company’s watches were all over social media sites and the internet.

Moreover, influencers marketing is considered one of the best approaches to swiftly build your company’s brand online as well as raise awareness among the target audience. Forbes magazine said influencer marketing is growing rapidly than digital ads, with a big emphasis placed on leveraging the followers of industry leaders to foster development and growth in your own business.

Some of the benefits of using influencers marketing are:

1. Quickly Builds Trust

2. Improves Brand Awareness

3. Enriches the Company’s Content Strategy

4. Effectively Reaches the Target Audience

5. Provides Astonishing Value to Your Audience

6. Builds Winning Partnerships

In conclusion, influencers marketing can be amazingly beneficial for startup companies or those companies or brands that have been struggling to achieve traction in their social media advertisement or marketing. So, with a clear understanding of how this type of marketing can really accelerate your online objective, you can commit to the implementation of your first campaign in a quick manner to experience the results in your business.

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