For the months of September - October, we've completely revamp a website to make it better in terms of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).

Key changes made:

  1. Added in FAQ Page
    Reason: User are able to understand more about the packages that they are getting and perhaps if they have any enquires, it will be answered there.


  2. Added in Articles Page
    Reason: User are able to read different general articles relating to the product and gain valuable knowledge as well.


  3. Added in Review section
    Reason: User are able to judge for themselves if the product is good.


  4. Revamping Forms Structure
    Reason: More user friendly and easier to navigate around and extracting of data would be easier.


  5. Changing contact page to a siding out contact form
    Reason: User are able to continue navigating the current page they are at instead of being directed to another page. Another reason is that they are able to easily fill in the contact form as well.


  6. Revamp Our packages
    Reason: Make it more persuasive and focus on giving key reason on why people should buy.

Examples Of Changes Made:

Side Menu

For the page named 'Our packages', we've decided to split the page into 3 different key sections where user could navigate easily with a side menu of icons to go to the different key sections.

1. Turning key benefits to a section itself.



2. Changing plans offered to a comparison table
Reason: For easier comparison between the different plans



Be it a Wordpress or WIX website, we'll take it.

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