What you need to know about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

A website is important because it helps you build credibility as a company or business. Everyone knows this! Right? But, how exactly can you rank on Google to drive more and more organic traffic, which can eventually be turned into high-paying customers? Well, there are many ways to do this, but today, we will talk about the two widely used strategies to improve a website’s performance on Google and other search engines. They are Search Engine Marketing “SEM” and Search Engine Optimization “SEO.”

In this article, we will tell you in detail the difference between these two important strategies and why SEO is so significant? So, if you want to grasp this valuable information, we recommend you read this article!

Search Engine Optimization implies a site development strategy based on pre-selected key queries to improve the website’s ranking on search engines. These keywords are added to HTML as Meta tags are used in the text content of the page, and sometimes in the addresses (URL) of the pages. All this is done in order to explain to the search engines, what exactly the page is about, and, ultimately, what the whole site is about. This complex of works on the page is called internal optimization.

The concept of SEO also includes external search engine optimization, which many people know as promotion or website promotion. External optimization includes, first of all, the creation of high-quality content that helps to get links from various sites on your subject. Also, external social optimization can be attributed to the creation of accounts on social networks, their regular maintenance and filling with relevant content with backlinks to your business site.

SEO is a continuous process that must be constantly adjusted and refined depending on the shifts of various factors, including competition (that is, how many companies are trying to rank in the top of your keywords), potential visitors (that is, how many potential customers looking for different keywords in your area) and general implementation of optimization (writing and posting new relevant content tailored to your key requests).

Moreover, Google and other search engines regularly update and adjust their algorithms, or even introduce new and completely unexpected page ranking factors. When changing the algorithms, the sites also need adjustments for new realities, otherwise inevitably falling out of the issue. On top of that, Google and the company deliberately withhold the principles of the algorithms and the ranking formulas, since they absolutely do not want to play on this knowledge unfairly. Yes, search engines send alerts and instructions, but sometimes you have to read them between the lines in order to understand what the search engine will do next.

The easiest way to understand the difference between SEM and SEO is to present SEM as a major strategy, and SEO as an important strategy within this major strategy. SEM includes SEO, but it is much larger and wider because it covers various forms of online advertising, such as contextual advertising, banners, and even tools like press releases and print products. As a rule, SEO and SEM companies can work simultaneously and support each other. In addition, SEO data can and should be used in SEM. For example, the keyword used in internal optimization can be used to define a group of queries for launching contextual advertising.

So, based on the above, what is the best way to direct the advertising budget? The correct answer depends on a number of factors that are specific to your business, your target audience and the actions of your competitors. For some companies that distribute the advertising budget in the ratio of 70% for SEM and 30% for SEO (which, as already mentioned, is part of SEM), this ratio is correct. For others, it can be exactly the opposite. The best advice that can be given in this situation is to contact the Internet marketing specialists, who will correctly plan your advertising campaign and will follow its course.

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