Turn To Digital Marketing To Survive COVID-19

Though it's less common nowadays, a common question that business owners ask is: Why should I bring my business online?

Oftentimes, setting up an online social platform for business are very similar to those who wanted to start out an e-business, some things make an online presence for bricks and mortar business unique.

Social Media usage has grown as a result of the COVID-19 crisis because many employees are already working under telecommunication arrangement and the practice social distancing --a winning combination for more screen time and social media scrolling.

Think of this as a chance to strengthen your online presence and gain popularity. It’s time to dust off and start fresh! Read on to find out how to turn this downtime to prime time.

Spend Time To Cultivate Your Community

Apart from having a themed grid, beautiful graphics, inspirational content, the key to owning a community is to, simply, respond.

If you have been replying to comments and mentions with a thank you, that’s a great first step. But it can be easy to fall into the habit of using a few standard replies. Which we strongly discourage our clients to do.

There are many ways you can spice up your replies, show your brand’s personality, and delight your followers. Which is why we always encourage our clients to add-on “Community Management” to their Social Media package.

Having your active followers, we mean those who like and comment on your posts, definitely means higher visibility and works better for building awareness. You need to build a community of your followers based on your target group. Make them your brand’s ambassadors.

Work With A Brand Ambassador

To collaborate with a brand ambassador means that you allow an influencer to be representing your product over time. It can be very beneficial for your brand to be related to an influencer who features a well-trusted voice within the industry. Also, the influencer has an incredibly great impact on their followers' purchasing behaviour.

It is more cost-effective to work long-term with different influencers if you wish to build your brand over time.

When working with longer collaborations, it builds loyalty and trust between the brand and the influencers. This might end up in getting more than what you pay for, just because the influencer uses the product or service.

However, an ambassador strategy is not always suitable for all brands and objectives. Hiring multiple short-term influencers can be more effective than a long-term brand ambassador.

Start With Influencers Marketing

But, who are they? They are people who have influence. They have their different standards, own niche of audience and own topic of interest. Influencers are only capable of short-term campaigns.

Their reach can be vast or compact but 100% sure to get a good stats on your Return Of Investment (ROI), that is because of their ‘influence’. Which is why when you search for “finding influencers”, there’s many articles that help you in finding the right, relevant influencers for your brand.

A key aspect of a successful influencer campaign is reliability. An influencer should showcase a personal message on the brand’s terms, instead of acting as a spokesperson for the brand. Although this is not always the case, micro-influencers are often lauded for their higher engagement rates. It is important to look beyond an influencer’s follower size and understand:

How he or she behaves with past branded content, and

How their audience responds or interacts with their posts.


Sounds like tons of work? It is, we wouldn’t deny it. There’s a reason why brands chose to work with digital marketing agencies, like ourselves --to save the time to research, identity, vet, and manage a group of bloggers/influencers.

We have a talented and dedicated team of social & content experts, along with campaign leaders, who will be able to deliver ‘out of the box’ creative ideas specifically targeted for your products and that can build on one another month after month.


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